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Check In Easy / Check In Premium


Compact, flexible, fix-mounted or extendible, and perfectly maintainable. The camel m06 Check-In Family, with the Check-In Premium »CIP« for the highest standards of design and functionality, and the Check-In Easy »CIE«, based loosely on the motto »less is more«, completes the Check-in department at our airport base. The whole-family of check-in is characterized by optimal operability by the operator and optimal accessibility for the passenger. 

The check-in is the passengers point of contact with the entire flight baggage system. Whether it be the fix-mounted or the extendible version, simple and fast accessibility for maintenance and cleaning work is guaranteed with both. Depending on the feed rate,you can choose frome one-belt, two-belt and three-belt systems. The position of the weighing machine also depends on the customer‘s requirements.

Product Features

  • Ultra-simple adjustment to required baggage loading and delivery position
  • Visible parts in the passenger area are made of stainless steel
  • Rapid access for repairs and maintenance
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning under the belts, meaning a reduced risk of fire
  • Maintenance-free drive system with drum motors or gear motors and optional mechanical belt track device
  • Simple and safe cable routes integrated into the components
  • »EIS system«: rapid assembly due to simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation
  • Energy-efficient and economic design

Fields Of Use

  • Airport Solutions: In Check-in areas
  • Industrial Solutions: Check-in systems in harbours

Technical Details Normal Baggage

Design as a one-belt, two-belt and three-belt system 
Conveyor speedup to 0.6 m/s
Total lengthup to 4,000 mm
Inside width between the side railsup to 700 mm
Baggage weightup to 50 kg

Product Datasheet Check In Easy – CIE

Technical Details Bulky Baggage

One-belt system
Conveyor speedup to 0.5 m/s
Total lengthup to 4,000 mm
Inside width between the side railsup to 1,200 mm
Baggage weightup to 75 kg