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Paddle Diverting Unit


With its sophisticated technology, it achieves a capacity of up to 4800 pieces of baggage per hour. The m06 diverter »PDU« was designed for the most demanding jobs in the airport. The outstanding performance of the frequency-regulated swivel drive ensures very precise acceleration and deceleration of the paddle. Working together with the cushioned paddle design ensures that the baggage is handled carefully.

Product Features

  • Deflection procedure that is gentle on baggage
  • Low-maintenance swivel system
  • »EIS system«: rapid assembly due to simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation
  • Energy-efficient and economic design

      Fields of use

      • For sorting onto destination chutes
      • Division of the line

      Technical Details

      Throughput capacityup to 4,800 units/h
      Paddle lengthapprox. 1,550 mm
      Paddle heightapprox. 250 mm
      Baggage weightup to 60 kg

      Product Datasheet Paddle Diverting Unit - PDU