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Straight Belt Conveyor

SBC 112

Whether straight, ascending or descending – the m06 belt conveyor »SBC« transports flight baggage and general cargo on all conveyor routes. As a modular system, the belt conveyor can satisfy a huge range of requirements. The standard design includes the modules of head drive or mid drive, reversing station, standard tray, fitted tray and support. The junctions between the individual conveyors are equipped with individual junction plates. The tightening station on the head drives and reversing stations must be tightened from both sides in the basic system. The tightening station on the mid drives can be tightened on one side.

Product Features

  • Short construction lengths from approx. 670 mm conveyor length with, e.g. a belt width of 1.000 mm possible
  • Low construction height possible with integrated belt track device (approx. 130 mm)
  • Elevated design or suspension of the ceiling, including individual height and angle adjustability
  • Maintenance-free due to lifetime lubricated bearings and optionally mechanical belt track device
  • »EIS system«: rapid assembly due to simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation
  • Energy-efficient and economic design by using head drives
  • Optional running control integrated into the drum bearing

Fields of use

Airport Solutions:

  • Conveyor lines within the entire baggage conveyor system


Intralogistic Solutions:

  • Sorting systems in the post and parcel sector

Technical Details

Actuation using slip-on gear transmission
Conveyor length670–30,000 mm
Belt widthup to 1,500 mm
Side guidance height up to 600 mm
Conveyor speed up to 2.5 m/s
Baggage weightup to 50 kg/m

Product Datasheet Straight Belt Conveyor - sbc