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Vertical Transporting Unit

VTU 420/660

Overcome heights safely and precisely. With its precise and efficient lifting unit, the m06 baggage lifter »VTU« performs a real show of strength – with ease! The conveyor element incorporated into the baggage lifter is lifted and lowered precisely using a lifting unit with two steel-reinforced tooth belts. This maintenance-free lifting system has been tried and tested for decades. Between the two upper and lower end positions, any intermediate destinations can be reached. The light, but robust box girder of the lifting masts, which is designed to be divisible in its height, forms the backbone of the baggage lifter with the guide rails. It is also possible to use it in flight baggage systems with a container system. An appropriate conveyor element is incorporated to handle this.

Product Features

  • Low starting heights
  • Ultra-simple adjustment to required input and output positions
  • Maintenance-free lifting system with tooth-belt drive
  • »EIS system«: rapid assembly due to simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation
  • Lifting mast as box girder in divided and screwed design
  • Energy-efficient and economic design

          Fields of use

          • For all non-continuous vertical transportation tasks
          • For example, in check-in areas
          • For example, outward transfer of baggage for follow-up checks

          Technical Details

          Speedup to 2.5 m/s
          Accelerationup to 4.5 m/s²
          Width of conveyor elementup to 1,400 mm
          Length of conveyor elementup to 3,000 mm
          Lifting heightup to 10,000 mm

          Product Datasheet Vertical Transporting Unit - VTU