Business Model motion06

Motion06 gmbh is a manufacturer of high quality and high performance machines and components for the following segments:

  1. Airport Baggage Handling Systems
  2. Machines for intralogistic / Post & Parcel facilities
  3. Industrial applications

motion06 technicians and engineers design and develop their complete product portfolio in-house. Sales and Marketing are handled directly in Europe and globally through joint venture Partners and distribution agents.

motion06´s goal is customized quality for each customer while providing a flexible "on time" implementation plan for each phase of each project or delivery. Our R&D team continuously updates and improves the products emphasizing better efficiency, higher performance, friendly user applications and environmental/energy saving specifications.

Our worldwide customers are our partners and our priority. The motion06 management and staff aim to personally guide and service our customers throughout the whole planning and implementation phase of each project and delivery system. motion06 is a dynamic, fast growing company. We aim to keep our customers satisfied.

motion06 Key Success Factors & Future Objectives

Our success today is a culmination of past challenging years of experience and patented in house engineering design and R&D.  Our future depends on our key objectives:

  • Concentrating our resources on the development of machines and components, to be used worldwide by our customers.
  • Collaborative global sales with our local partners and joint venture partners.  We provide customized service for each customer´s requirement and immediately respond to changing/new market trends or applications.
  • Personal involvement of management and staff in order to provide our customer with the best preferred solutions.
  • Continuous development of new products with the high motion06 standard for quality and performance.
  • Constant professional talent development through training and education for all our staff members and workforce especially those working directly with our customers, the local community and colleagues.  We create a balanced work-life environment for our staff! 

motion06 Market Environment:

motion06 is operating in a fast, changing competitive industrial environment, driven by the ever changing use of e-commerce for the intralogistics segment.

Key indicators are: 

  • Continuous growth in the number of passengers at local and international airports, requiring large investments in baggage handling systems and security installations;
  • Ongoing liberalization of the post and parcel distribution market and subsequently numerous investments in large and medium size distribution centers;
  • Based on growing e-commerce a strong requirement for new local distribution center in order to achieve same day deliveries; 
  • Requirement for higher efficiency and improved performance for baggage handling systems, distribution centers and for industrial applications;