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Johann Thaler, Renate Berner, Markus Brunninger

motion06 gmbh is a global leader in the manufacture of top quality, precision performance technology for airport baggage handling systems, post & parcel systems and other industrial applications.

Following the company´s incorporation on 19th January 2006, Motion 06 established its first operations in Neumarkt, Salzburg. The company was founded by three highly qualified and experienced engineers namely: J. Thaler, M. Brunninger and R. Berner. Their combined talent and knowledge through years of experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of top quality, complex belt conveyor systems laid the foundation for motion06´s future competence as a premier global producer of conveyor belt systems.

The first years of motion 06 focused on the research & development of high performance components for airport handling systems. The firm´s first production site in Neumarkt had close proximity to a network of international suppliers for integrators and machine contractors. This was advantageous given the trend of airport expansion worldwide. motion06 continued to expand in the next years gaining recognition for its technology and dependable product performance.

2006Incorporation on 19th of January

Establishment of the first production site in Neumarkt am Wallersee / Province of Salzburg. Sales in Europe and first exports from Austria to Dubai and other overseas markets (North and South America)
First participation at the world largest airport show – InterAirport Munich in 2007


Development of a high-performance belt curve, horizontal and vertical sorters based on motion06 in house R&D program. All machines have set new performance standards for baggage handling systems (BHS).
By this time, motion06 had earned higher sales revenue levels and had to extend its existing operations. Plans for a new production facility were implemented to provide for future expansion.

2009Signed distribution agreements with partners in Russia and the Ukraine

First installation of a re-designed belt curve at international airports

2011Significant expansion of the product portfolio for intralogistic applications
2013Start of construction of a new and company owned production facility and office building in Lengau / province Upper Austria (appr. 35 km from Salzburg city or 2 hours’ drive from Munich airport)
2014Acquisition of motion06 gmbh by the m.schneider Holding GmbH and private investors
2015Signed agency agreements with partners in China, Singapore, Korea, Australia and Canada

Incorporation of motion06 Asia Pte Ltd – a sales and marketing joint venture with Brilliant Engineering Pte Ltd in Singapore for the South Asia market.
Incorporation of a production as well as sales and marketing joint venture in Shanghai/China called Hermione motion06 (Shanghai) Co., Ltd – for production of motion06 machines and components for the China and South East Asia market.
Hermione-motion06 (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a joint venture between Shanghai Hermionetech Co., ltd and motion06 gmbh Austria

2019Merger of Motion06 with Duravant

Today motion06 gmbh employs a growing staff of highly motivated, dedicated and skilled workers at its head office in Lengau, Austria. The company is managed by its founders with Markus Brunninger as chief executive officer and Ing. Johann Thaler as vice-president and Renate Berner as vice-president HR and logistics. motion06 machines and components are in operation all over the world including locations such as Salzburg, Innsbruck, München, Düsseldorf, Heathrow, Gatwick, Calgary, Bogota, Changi Singapore, Incheon Seoul etc). In the intralogistic segment motion06 supplies machines and components to all major post & parcel distribution companies (e.g. DHL, UPS, etc). motion06 continues to supply international system integrators and general contractors globally. The company has sales and supply agreements covering several years providing for continued stable revenues for the future.