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Full Belt Merge

FBM 112

From 0 to 2 meters per second. The m06 merge »FBM« brings the package or parceled cargo onto the track like no other. Thanks to the sophisticated design using a belt, safe and fast transportation of the parceled cargo is ensured.

In connection with a »HDU« horizontal diverting unit from motion06, the merge can also be used to transfer packages outwardly at different angles.

Product Features

  • High operating safety thanks to the simple design
  • Closed belt surface for smooth package transfer
  • Automatic belt track fittings integrated
  • Extremely short construction lengths possible
  • Very small structural height (approximately 250mm)
  • Use in cyclic operation possible
  • »EIS-System«: rapid assembly due to simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation
  • Energy-efficient and economical construction method due to minimal spare parts

              Technical Details

              Conveyor speedup to 2.50 m/s
              Angles30°, 45°
              Belt widhtup to 1,500 mm
              Baggage weightup to 75 kg

              Product Datasheet Full Belt Merge - FBM

              Fields of use

              Industrial Solutions:

              • Feeding parceled cargo onto conveyor lines at different angles
              • In the CEP sector throughout the whole sorting facility
              • Conveyor systems in a wide range of industrial sectors with box, container and general cargo transport
              • Distribution and mail-order business

                  Airport Solutions:

                  • Feeding baggage onto conveyor lines at different angles
                  • Feeding baggage onto sorters at different angles
                  • Distributing baggage in connection with a belt deflector at different angles