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Vertical Sorting Unit


For a capacity of up to 2,500 packages per hour, power and durability are required. The area of application of the m06 »VSU« vertical distributor is in the separation or amalgamation of packages and other general cargo between two or three levels. The conveyor element integrated into the vertical distributor is raised and lowered by a lifting unit with two steel reinforced toothed belts. This maintenance-free lifting system has proven itself in practice for decades.

Product Features

  • Easy adjustment to the required inlet and outlet positions
  • Maintenance-free lifting system with toothed belts
  • »EIS system«: rapid assembly due to a simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation
  • Energy-efficient and economical design
  • Very low noise emissions even at high speeds
  • Very quick changing of individual parts, particularly the lifting drive or the toothed belts

          Fields of use

          Industrial Solutions:

          • In the CEP sector for pre-sorting of incoming goods
          • Conveyor systems in a wide range of industrial sectors with box, container and general cargo transport
          • In the field of decision points after x-ray devices
          • Distribution and merging of conveyor lines

          Technical Details

          Swivel timeless than 1 s
          Throughputup to 2,500 units/h
          Conveyor speedup to 2.5 m/s
          Conveyor lengthup to 3,055 mm
          Belt widthup to 1,000 mm
          Package weightup to 50 kg

          Product Datasheet vertical sorting unit - vsu